Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!


Here's what I'm going to do today to celebrate Earth Day.

  1. use insulated cup for coffee
  2. recycle any pop cans that i empty
  3. replace the rest of my light bulbs with CFL bulbs (only a couple more to change over)
  4. not use any paper cups for water at work
  5. research & make a donation to a company working on re-usable energy options
  6. make a donation to an animal conservation/protection group


Sockergirl said...

That's funny. I guess on Earth day I stole a bag of paper napkins from McDonalds, drove around in my Hummer from Store to store collecting my Free Friday latte at the Mc. Then I drove across town to a yarn sale that did not start until the next day, so I will have to repeat that trip. On the way home I was stuck in traffic so I had to fill up the Hummer before getting home to take the kids to their soccer games around town. Oh did I mention I forgot my cloth grocery bag when I went to safeway!
(I did not have time at the games to knit up a Fun Fur Nylon grocery bag.)

Melanie said...

hey lady, hope you are doing well! Long time no see, I miss you!